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Aarons Gregory Gregory Aarons, Ph.D. , Professor Gregory Aarons
Interest/Specialization: Implementation science, leadership, organizational development, behavioral health, global mental health


Acheson Dean Dean Acheson, Ph.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Dean Acheson
Interest/Specialization: Facilitating learning-based mechanisms of psychotherapy via pharmacological intervention.


Achim Cristian Cristian Achim, M.D., Ph.D. , Professor In Residence Cristian Achim
Interest/Specialization: The molecular mechanisms of disease in HIV associated neurocognitive disorders (HAND).


Adler Lisa Lisa Adler, M.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Lisa Adler
Interest/Specialization: Eating Disorders Treatment and Research Program, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


Afari Niloofar Niloofar Afari, Ph.D. , Professor In Residence Niloofar Afari
Interest/Specialization: Chronic pain, twin studies, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and implementation of eHealth technology.


Anderson Leslie Leslie Anderson, Ph.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Leslie Anderson
Interest/Specialization: Treatment Development & Outcomes in Eating Disorders, Emotion Dysregulation, Dialectical Behavior Therapy


Angkaw Abigail Abigail Angkaw, Ph.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Abigail Angkaw
Interest/Specialization: PTSD, anxiety, aggression, addiction, and mobile health technology in adults, particularly returning Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans.


Anthenelli Robert Robert Anthenelli, M.D. , Professor Robert Anthenelli
Interest/Specialization: Neurobiology of substance use and dependence disorders.


Appelbaum Lawrence Gregory Lawrence Gregory Appelbaum, Ph.D. , Professor Lawrence Gregory Appelbaum
Interest/Specialization: cognitive neuroscience, neuroplasticity, learning and expertise, peak performance, neuroimaging, neurostimulation, psychophysiology


Ayers Catherine Catherine Ayers, ABPP, Ph.D. , Professor of Clinical Psychiatry Catherine Ayers
Interest/Specialization: Treatment outcomes for geriatric hoarding disorder and the neuropsychiatric characterization of hoarding disorder in late life.


Backhaus Autumn Autumn Backhaus, Ph.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Autumn Backhaus
Interest/Specialization: Health Psychology and PTSD


Baker Dewleen Dewleen Baker, M.D. , Professor In Residence Dewleen Baker
Interest/Specialization: Stress and mental health.


Bangen Katherine Katherine Bangen, Ph.D. , Associate Adjunct Professor Katherine Bangen
Interest/Specialization: : Neuropsychology and neuroimaging of aging, mild cognitive impairment, and dementia; Vascular contributions to Alzheimer's disease.


Barnes Samuel Samuel Barnes, Ph.D. , Assistant Adjunct Professor Samuel Barnes
Interest/Specialization: Glutamate/GABA transmission and impairments in reward and cognitive processing. Markou Consortium for Neurobiology and Psychopharmacology.


Beizai Kristin (Tina) Kristin (Tina) Beizai, M.D. , HS Clinical Professor Kristin (Tina) Beizai
Interest/Specialization: Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry. Medical Director of Integrated Hospital based Services at the VA San Diego Healthcare System.


Besterman Aaron Aaron Besterman, M.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Aaron Besterman
Interest/Specialization: Psychiatric genetics, pharmacogenetics, neurodevelopmental disorders, acute care psychiatry, medical education


Bhakta Savita Savita Bhakta, M.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Savita Bhakta
Interest/Specialization: EEG, Biomarkers, Virtual Reality, Schizophrenia, Neurocognition


Bird Anne Anne Bird, M.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Anne Bird
Interest/Specialization: Clinical Services Director of Outpatient Psychiatry Services La Jolla.


Bischoff Grethe Amanda Amanda Bischoff Grethe, Ph.D. , Associate Adjunct Professor Amanda Bischoff Grethe
Interest/Specialization: Brain function in adolescents and adults with eating disorders or histories of substance use using functional MRI, DTI, and other morphometric methods.


Bismark Andrew Andrew Bismark, Ph.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Andrew Bismark
Interest/Specialization: Acute & Intensive Mental Health Program VA San Diego Healthcare system, Schizophrenia


Bloss Cinnamon Cinnamon Bloss, Ph.D. , Associate Professor of Family and Preventive Medicine and Non-Salaried Associate Professor of Psychiatry Cinnamon Bloss
Interest/Specialization: genomics, technology adoption, privacy, science and technology policy, health policy, empirical ethics, mobile health, digital health


Bomyea Jessica Jessica Bomyea, Ph.D. , Assistant Adjunct Professor Jessica Bomyea
Interest/Specialization: PTSD, fMRI, cognitive training, neuropsychology


Bondi Mark Mark Bondi, Ph.D. , Professor In Residence Mark Bondi
Interest/Specialization: Neuropsychology of aging and dementia


Boutelle Kerri Kerri Boutelle, Ph.D. , Professor Kerri Boutelle
Interest/Specialization: Eating disorders, Obesity, Cognitive training, HRV, Executive function


Brody Arthur Arthur Brody, M.D. , Professor In Residence Arthur Brody
Interest/Specialization: Tobacco Use Disorder; Positron Emission Tomography; Treatment of Cigarette Smoking


Brookman-Frazee Lauren Lauren Brookman-Frazee, BCBA-D, Ph.D. , Professor Lauren Brookman-Frazee
Interest/Specialization: Implementation science; Community effectiveness and implementation trials; Children’s mental health services; Autism services; Clinician training; Parent-mediated interventions
Brown Sandra A Sandra A Brown, Ph.D. , Distinguished Professor Sandra A Brown
Interest/Specialization: Emergence and remission of alcohol/drug problems during adolescence and young adulthood, impact of adolescent substance use on neuro-development, and developmental implications for intervention.
Cadenhead Kristin Kristin Cadenhead, M.D. , Professor Kristin Cadenhead
Interest/Specialization: Early identification, intervention and prevention of serious mental illness.


Cardenas Veronica Veronica Cardenas, Ph.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Veronica Cardenas
Interest/Specialization: Cancer patient and family support services.


Casmar Pollyanna Pollyanna Casmar, Ph.D. , HS Clinical Professor Pollyanna Casmar
Interest/Specialization: Compassion meditation for trauma; Transdiagnostic Interpersonal Therapy


Castriotta Natalie Natalie Castriotta, Ph.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Natalie Castriotta
Interest/Specialization: Behavioral Health Interdisciplinary Program


Chan Nicholas Nicholas Chan, M.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Nicholas Chan
Interest/Specialization: Child & Adolescent Psychiatry


Chen Timothy Timothy Chen, , Pharm.D., HS Associate Clinical Professor Timothy Chen
Interest/Specialization: Tobacco-use cessation


Cherner Mariana Mariana Cherner, Ph.D. , Professor In Residence Mariana Cherner
Interest/Specialization: Neurocognitive consequences of HIV, stimulant abuse, and Hepatitis C. Cross-cultural neuropsychological assessment.


Chesher Nicholas Nicholas Chesher, Ph.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Nicholas Chesher
Interest/Specialization: Health psychology, behavioral medicine, consultation and liaison psychology, pre-surgical psychosocial candidacy evaluation, transplant psychology, cardiac psychology, outcomes research and program development.
Ciobanu Cosmina Cosmina Ciobanu, M.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Cosmina Ciobanu
Interest/Specialization: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


Clark Ashley Ashley Clark, M.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Ashley Clark
Interest/Specialization: Women’s reproductive mental health


Claudat Kim Kim Claudat, Ph.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Kim Claudat
Interest/Specialization: Eating Disorders Center for Treatment and Research, co-director Adult Treatment Program


Colvonen Peter Peter Colvonen, Ph.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Peter Colvonen
Interest/Specialization: Telemental health, PTSD


Connor Willard Willard Connor, M.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Willard Connor
Interest/Specialization: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.


Courtney Kelly Kelly Courtney, Ph.D. , Assistant Adjunct Professor Kelly Courtney
Interest/Specialization: Discovering the neurobiological and psychophysiological mechanisms that underlie the development and maintenance of alcohol and other substance addiction in order to inform intervention efforts.
Daskalakis Zafiris J. Zafiris J. Daskalakis, M.D., Ph.D. , Professor and Chair Zafiris J. Daskalakis
Interest/Specialization: Neuromodulation, Neurophysiology, Severe mental illness, Clinical Trials.


De-Guglielmo Giordano Giordano De-Guglielmo, Ph.D. , Assistant Adjunct Professor Giordano De-Guglielmo
Interest/Specialization: Neural circuits of addiction, with an emphasis on critical molecular and cellular mechanisms that are responsible for adverse behavioral outcomes that are associated with substance abuse and dependence.
Delano-Wood Lisa Lisa Delano-Wood, Ph.D. , Adjunct Professor Lisa Delano-Wood
Interest/Specialization: Understanding the relationship between cognitive functioning, vascular risk, and brain changes across the aging spectrum (normal aging, mild cognitive impairment, and dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease)
Depp Colin Colin Depp, Ph.D. , Professor Colin Depp
Interest/Specialization: Mobile technology, bipolar disorder and pyschosis, suicide prevention, research training, and healthy aging


Der-Avakian Andre Andre Der-Avakian, Ph.D. , Assistant Adjunct Professor Andre Der-Avakian
Interest/Specialization: Stress-induced reward deficits relating to depression and other mood disorders.


Domingues Isabel Isabel Domingues, M.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Isabel Domingues
Interest/Specialization: schizophrenia, early psychosis and the progression of psychotic disorders among at-risk individuals


Doran Neal Neal Doran, Ph.D. , Professor In Residence Neal Doran
Interest/Specialization: Tobacco, Young Adult, Uptake, E-cigarette, Nicotine; VA Assoc. Chief of Psychology


Duarte Kristen Kristen Duarte, Ph.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Kristen Duarte
Interest/Specialization: Development of Antisocial Behavior; Internalizing & Externalizing Comorbidity; Developmental Psychopathology; OCD Spectrum Disorders; Anxiety; Transitional Age Youth; College Mental Health; Diversity
Dulawa Stephanie Stephanie Dulawa, Ph.D. , Professor Stephanie Dulawa
Interest/Specialization: Animal models, Fast-onset antidepressants, Compulsive Behavior, Anorexia, Neural circuit dissection


Dulcis Davide Davide Dulcis, Ph.D. , Associate Professor In Residence Davide Dulcis
Interest/Specialization: Circuit-specific respecification of neurotransmitters in the developing and adult brains.


Ehret Blaire Blaire Ehret, Ph.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Blaire Ehret
Interest/Specialization: Suicide prevention, assessment, and risk management; psychosis; severe mental illness; psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery; compassion-focused therapy
Elman Jeremy Jeremy Elman, Ph.D. , Assistant Adjunct Professor Jeremy Elman
Interest/Specialization: cognitive neuroscience, cognitive testing, neuroimaging, biomarkers, and genetic measures to study Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and aging


Ettenhofer Mark Mark Ettenhofer, Ph.D. , Associate Adjunct Professor Mark Ettenhofer
Interest/Specialization: Eye tracking, Traumatic brain injury, Neuropsychology, Virtual Reality


Eyler Lisa Lisa Eyler, Ph.D. , Professor In Residence Lisa Eyler
Interest/Specialization: Bipolar disorder, Schizophrenia, Aging, Ecological momentary assessment, Neuroimaging


Fennema Notestine Christine Christine Fennema Notestine, Ph.D. , Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry and Radiology Christine Fennema Notestine
Interest/Specialization: Neuroimaging methods development and validation, clinical research neuroimaging, cognitive neuropsychology, and biomedical informatics.


Fettes Danielle Danielle Fettes, Ph.D. , Assistant Adjunct Professor Danielle Fettes
Interest/Specialization: vulnerable populations of youth and families, mental health and substance use, family violence and child trauma, and implementation of evidence-based programs into public sector service systems
Fields J. Adam J. Adam Fields, Ph.D. , Assistant Adjunct Professor J. Adam Fields
Interest/Specialization: molecular mechanisms underlying the neurodegenerative processes of neurological disorders


Finn Daphna Daphna Finn, M.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Daphna Finn


Folsom David David Folsom, M.D., M.P.H. , HS Clinical Professor David Folsom
Interest/Specialization: Clinical psychiatry and family medicine.


Frank Guido Guido Frank, M.D. , Professor In Residence Guido Frank
Interest/Specialization: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


Franz Carol Carol Franz, Ph.D. , Adjunct Professor Carol Franz
Interest/Specialization: Longitudinal study of stress and aging, with a focus on risk and preventive factors for cognitive aging.


Gallegos Rodriguez Yuliana Yuliana Gallegos Rodriguez, Ph.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Yuliana Gallegos Rodriguez
Interest/Specialization: Local Recovery Coordinator at the VA San Diego Healthcare System, Center of Recovery Education


Gannon Jamie Jamie Gannon, Ph.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Jamie Gannon
Interest/Specialization: Program development with the aim of improving access to patient-centered, evidence-based mental health treatment.


Gasperi Marianna Marianna Gasperi, Ph.D. , Assistant Adjunct Professor Marianna Gasperi
Interest/Specialization: Genetic epidemiology of psychiatric disorders and chronic pain


George Olivier Olivier George, Ph.D. , Professor Olivier George
Interest/Specialization: Addiction, Alcoholism, Drugs, Neurobiology, Genetic, Cellular Physiology, Drug Development, Anatomy


Giedd Jay Jay Giedd, M.D. , Professor Jay Giedd
Interest/Specialization: brain development in health and illness.


Gollan Tamar Tamar Gollan, Ph.D. , Professor Tamar Gollan
Interest/Specialization: Neuropsychology, bilingualism, language production


Gooding Amanda Amanda Gooding, Ph.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Amanda Gooding
Interest/Specialization: neuropsychological assessments of individuals with epilepsy, brain tumors, dementia and other memory disorders, mood disorders, or other psychiatric illness
Gould Hilary Hilary Gould, Ph.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Hilary Gould
Interest/Specialization: cognitive behavioral therapy (including trauma focused therapies such as cognitive processing therapy), dialectical behavior therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, parent management techniques, and motivational interviewing
Granholm Eric Eric Granholm, Ph.D. , Professor In Residence Eric Granholm
Interest/Specialization: Mobile technology, pupillometry, psychosocial interventions, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease, aging, cognition, functioning


Grant Igor Igor Grant, M.D. , Distinguished Professor Igor Grant
Interest/Specialization: Neurobehavioral aspects of HIV/AIDS and alcoholism; life stress and illness; medicinal cannabis


Greenwood Tiffany Tiffany Greenwood, Ph.D. , Associate Adjunct Professor Tiffany Greenwood
Interest/Specialization: Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Risk prediction, Creativity, Cognition


Grelotti David David Grelotti, M.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor David Grelotti
Interest/Specialization: HIV psychiatry, Global mental health, Medicinal cannabis


Grubbs Kathleen Kathleen Grubbs, Ph.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Kathleen Grubbs
Interest/Specialization: Telemental Health, PTSD


Halberstadt Adam Adam Halberstadt, Ph.D. , Associate Adjunct Professor Adam Halberstadt
Interest/Specialization: head twitch, optogenetics, schizophrenia, drug abuse, hallucinogens, interval timing, serotonin


Hanson Karen Karen Hanson, Ph.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Karen Hanson
Interest/Specialization: clinical neuropsychology, Home Based Primary Care Program


Harle Katia Katia Harle, Ph.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Katia Harle
Interest/Specialization: computational psychiatry and neuropsychology, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder


Hauger Richard Richard Hauger, M.D. , Professor In Residence Richard Hauger
Interest/Specialization: Neuroendocrinology of stress and psychostimulants


Henry Brook Brook Henry, , Assistant Research Scientist Brook Henry
Interest/Specialization: cannabis, neuropathic pain, HIV


Heppner Pia Pia Heppner, Ph.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Pia Heppner
Interest/Specialization: psycho-oncology, health promotion and disease prevention


Herbert Matthew Matthew Herbert, Ph.D. , Assistant Adjunct Professor Matthew Herbert
Interest/Specialization: Chronic pain, Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Race/Ethnicity, Pain acceptance


Heyneman Ellen Ellen Heyneman, M.D. , HS Clinical Professor Ellen Heyneman
Interest/Specialization: Eating disorders and mood disorders in children and adolescents


Hirst Jeremy Jeremy Hirst, M.D. , HS Clinical Professor Jeremy Hirst
Interest/Specialization: Psychiatry, Palliative Care, Cancer, and Psychosocial Oncology.


Hong Suzi Suzi Hong, Ph.D. , Non-Salaried Associate Adjunct Professor Suzi Hong
Interest/Specialization: Psychoneuroimmunology and behavioral medicine.


Howlett Jonathan Jonathan Howlett, M.D., Ph.D. , Assistant Adjunct Professor Jonathan Howlett
Interest/Specialization: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, computational psychopharmacology


Hsu Alan Alan Hsu, FAPA, M.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Alan Hsu
Interest/Specialization: Psychosomatic medicine and the treatment of mental health issues


Huege Steven Steven Huege, M.D. , HS Clinical Professor Steven Huege
Interest/Specialization: Geriatric Psychiatry, Interprofessional Education


Iakoucheva Lilia Lilia Iakoucheva, Ph.D. , Professor Lilia Iakoucheva
Interest/Specialization: Autism genetics, Cerebral organoids, Gene expression, Systems biology, Brain development


Iglewicz Alana Alana Iglewicz, Ph.D. , HS Clinical Professor Alana Iglewicz
Interest/Specialization: wellness, grief, psychiatric emergencies, mental health primary care, telemental health


Infante Maria Maria Infante, Ph.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Maria Infante
Interest/Specialization: The effects of alcohol use on the developing brain


Iudicello Jennifer Jennifer Iudicello, Ph.D. , Associate Adjunct Professor Jennifer Iudicello
Interest/Specialization: Neurocognitive and real-world consequences associated with HIV, substance use disorders, and aging; the relationship between vascular injury and central nervous system outcomes in older HIV+ adults and HIV+ individuals with comorbid substance use disorders.
Jacobus Joanna Joanna Jacobus, Ph.D. , Associate Adjunct Professor Joanna Jacobus
Interest/Specialization: Neural and cognitive correlates of adolescent and young adult alcohol and cannabis use, structural neuroimaging, and development of neuroscience-informed behavioral interventions for substance misuse.
Jak Amy Amy Jak, Ph.D. , Professor In Residence Amy Jak
Interest/Specialization: Neuropsychology of aging and traumatic brain injury


Jenkins Janis Janis Jenkins, Ph.D. , Professor of Psychiatry and Professor of Anthropology. Janis Jenkins
Interest/Specialization: Global mental health, Cultural psychiatry, schizophrenia, depression, PTSD, Latinos and Latin America, gender, immigrants and refugees, warfare/violence, and qualitative/ mixed methods.
Jenkins Willough Willough Jenkins, M.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Willough Jenkins
Interest/Specialization: Child and adolescent psychiatry, underserved populations.


Jernigan Terry Terry Jernigan, Ph.D. , Professor of Cognitive Sci, Psychiatry and Radiology Terry Jernigan
Interest/Specialization: Brain imaging of cognitive and psychiatric disorders; aging and memory research


Joshi Yash Yash Joshi, M.D., Ph.D. , Assistant Professor In Residence Yash Joshi
Interest/Specialization: schizophrenia, computerized cognitive training, mental health recovery services.


Kallupi Marsida Marsida Kallupi, Ph.D. , Assistant Adjunct Professor Marsida Kallupi
Interest/Specialization: neurobiological basis of abnormal behavioral and brain functions relevant to human psychopathology with emphasis on drug addiction and eating disorders


Kaye Walter Walter Kaye, M.D. , Distinguished Professor Walter Kaye
Interest/Specialization: Eating Disorders


Kelsoe John John Kelsoe, M.D. , Professor John Kelsoe
Interest/Specialization: Molecular biological approaches to psychiatric disorders


Kim Kathleen Kathleen Kim, M.D. , HS Clinical Professor Kathleen Kim
Interest/Specialization: VASDHS Chief of Staff


Koh Steve Steve Koh, M.B.A., M.D., M.P.H. , HS Clinical Professor Steve Koh
Interest/Specialization: Community public mental health outcomes big-data informatics


Koutsenok Igor Igor Koutsenok, M.D. , HS Clinical Professor Igor Koutsenok
Interest/Specialization: Treatment of Substance Use Disorders. Training in Evidence-Based Practices in Addiction Medicine, Behavioral Interventions in Criminal Justice Context, International Drug Policy.
Kremen William William Kremen, Ph.D. , Professor William Kremen
Interest/Specialization: Behavior genetic studies of aging and psychiatric disorders


Lang Ariel Ariel Lang, M.P.H., Ph.D. , Professor In Residence Ariel Lang
Interest/Specialization: Anxiety and trauma, emotional disorders in the general medical setting


Lansing Amy Amy Lansing, Ph.D. , Assistant Adjunct Professor Amy Lansing
Interest/Specialization: Neurobehavioral underpinnings of high-risk behaviors and functional impairment in underserved and vulnerable populations.


Lasswell Eve Eve Lasswell, Psy.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Eve Lasswell
Interest/Specialization: Addiction Recovery and Treatment Program


Lauzon Vanessa Vanessa Lauzon, M.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Vanessa Lauzon
Interest/Specialization: Consultation-liaison psychiatry


Le Julie Julie Le, D.O. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Julie Le
Interest/Specialization: My main clinical focus is Primary Care Psychiatry (Psychiatry in Primary Care, outpatient) and Behavioral Health Integration/Collaborative Care.


Lee Ellen Ellen Lee, M.D. , Assistant Professor In Residence Ellen Lee
Interest/Specialization: Inflammatory mediators of sleep disturbances in older adults with serious mental illnesses.


Lehman David David Lehman, H.S., M.D. , HS Clinical Professor David Lehman
Interest/Specialization: Cognitive Disorders


Li Xia Xia Li, M.D., Ph.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Xia Li
Interest/Specialization: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation


Light Gregory Gregory Light, Ph.D. , Professor Gregory Light
Interest/Specialization: Cognitive training, EEG biomarkers, schizophrenia


Lindamer Laurie Laurie Lindamer, H.S., Ph.D. , HS Clinical Professor Laurie Lindamer
Interest/Specialization: Schizophrenia, neuropsychology and psychotic disorders, health issues in older adults with psychosis


Lowe Ian Ian Lowe, Ph.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Ian Lowe
Interest/Specialization: Outpatient Psychiatric Services


Maginot Tamara Tamara Maginot, Ph.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Tamara Maginot
Interest/Specialization: children and adolescents managing chronic medical conditions, trauma-informed care, family-based treatment of obesity and eating disorders, and medical stabilization of eating disorders
Maglione Jeanne Jeanne Maglione, M.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Jeanne Maglione
Interest/Specialization: Primary Care Mental Health Integration


Malak Lawrence Lawrence Malak, M.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Lawrence Malak
Interest/Specialization: Community Psychiatry.


Malaktaris Anne Anne Malaktaris, Ph.D. , Assistant Adjunct Professor Anne Malaktaris
Interest/Specialization: anxiety and trauma-related disorders; comorbid PTSD and chronic pain; complementary and integrative health approaches; novel interventions; VASDHS La Jolla PTSD Clinical Team
Marcotte Thomas Thomas Marcotte, Ph.D. , Professor In Residence Thomas Marcotte
Interest/Specialization: Neuropsychology of HIV infection and other dementing disorders


Marienfeld Carla Carla Marienfeld, M.D. , HS Clinical Professor Carla Marienfeld
Interest/Specialization: Carla Marienfeld, MD, DFAPA, FASAM is board-certified in psychiatry, addiction psychiatry, and addiction medicine, and she is a Clinical Professor and the Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship Program Director at the University of California San Diego. Her interests include substance use disorders, clinical treatment of substance use disorders, fellowship education and training, and motivational interviewing training. She has authored or co-authored over 35 peer reviewed articles, book chapters, practice guidelines, and invited commentaries, and she edited two books: Motivational Interviewing for Clinical Practice and Absolute Addiction Psychiatry Review: An essential board exam study guide.
Marquine Maria Maria Marquine, Ph.D. , Assistant Adjunct Professor Maria Marquine
Interest/Specialization: Hispanic/Latino neuropsychology; health disparities


Martis Brian Brian Martis, M.D. , HS Clinical Professor Brian Martis
Interest/Specialization: Trauma, Stress, PTSD, Psychopharmacology, Neuroimaging


Mausbach Brent Brent Mausbach, Ph.D. , Professor In Residence Brent Mausbach
Interest/Specialization: Stress/coping; Alzheimer's caregiving; Cancer; behavioral medicine; functional outcomes in schizophrenia


Max Jeffrey Jeffrey Max, MBBCh(M.D.) , Professor In Residence Jeffrey Max
Interest/Specialization: Child and adolescent psychiatry, Pediatric Traumatic Brain and Stroke Research


Maxwell Benjamin Benjamin Maxwell, M.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Benjamin Maxwell
Interest/Specialization: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


McCarthy Michael Michael McCarthy, M.D., Ph.D. , Associate Adjunct Professor Michael McCarthy
Interest/Specialization: Neurobiology of mood disorders and circadian clocks


McDonald Carrie Carrie McDonald, Ph.D. , Professor In Residence Carrie McDonald
Interest/Specialization: Neuroimaging and neuropsychological correlates of epilepsy and primary brain tumors; neuropsychology of aging.


McKenna Benjamin Benjamin McKenna, Ph.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Benjamin McKenna
Interest/Specialization: Mood disorders, substance dependence


Meier Emily Emily Meier, Ph.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Emily Meier
Interest/Specialization: hospice and palliative care


Merritt Victoria Victoria Merritt, Ph.D. , Assistant Adjunct Professor Victoria Merritt
Interest/Specialization: traumatic brain injury


Meruelo Alejandro Alejandro Meruelo, M.D., Ph.D., , Assistant Adjunct Professor Alejandro Meruelo
Interest/Specialization: Understanding the interrelationship between mood and substance use disorders using neuroimaging, statistical, and computational methods; transcranial magnetic stimulation
Meyer Aaron Aaron Meyer, M.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Aaron Meyer
Interest/Specialization: Inpatient Psychiatry, Neuropsychiatry, Consult-Liaison, Emergency Psychiatry


Minassian Arpi Arpi Minassian, Ph.D. , HS Clinical Professor Arpi Minassian
Interest/Specialization: Physiology, Cognition, Heart rate variability, Bipolar disorder, Drug use, HIV


Mirza Khanian Heline Heline Mirza Khanian, Ph.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Heline Mirza Khanian
Interest/Specialization: Early psychosis


Mishra Jyoti Jyoti Mishra, Ph.D. , Associate Professor In Residence Jyoti Mishra
Interest/Specialization: Cognitive brain networks, EEG, Machine learning, Attention, Brain plasticity


Molina Juan Juan Molina, M.D. , Assistant Adjunct Professor Juan Molina
Interest/Specialization: Schizophrenia, neurobiology and behavior, computational psychiatry


Montoya Jessica Jessica Montoya, Ph.D. , Assistant Professor Jessica Montoya
Interest/Specialization: Implementation science; integrated care; mobile health interventions; substance use disorders; HIV/AIDS; aging


Moore David David Moore, Ph.D. , Professor In Residence David Moore
Interest/Specialization: Text messaging to improve health behaviors (e.g., medication adherence, physical activity), HIV/AIDS, Aging, Cognition


Moore Raeanne Raeanne Moore, Ph.D. , Associate Adjunct Professor Raeanne Moore
Interest/Specialization: EMA, mobile cognitive testing, digital health, cognitive impairment, chronic illness


Morgan Erin Erin Morgan, Ph.D. , Assistant Adjunct Professor Erin Morgan
Interest/Specialization: neurocognitive and everyday functioning consequences of HIV infection and addiction


Morland Leslie Leslie Morland, Psy.D. , Professor of Clinical Psychiatry; Director of Telemental Health VASD Leslie Morland
Interest/Specialization: PTSD, Technology, Access


Muhammad Lama Lama Muhammad, M.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Lama Muhammad
Interest/Specialization: outpatient psychiatry


Myers Mark Mark Myers, Ph.D. , Professor In Residence Mark Myers
Interest/Specialization: Faculty Research Interest/Specialist: Youth Tobacco use; Tobacco cessation in smokers with psychiatric comorbidity.


Nievergelt Caroline Caroline Nievergelt, Ph.D. , Adjunct Professor Caroline Nievergelt
Interest/Specialization: Psychiatric genetics, population genetics, epigenetics, PTSD, Bipolar disorder, tinnitus, EWAS, GWAS, biomarkers, circadian clock


Noniyeva Yuliana Yuliana Noniyeva, Ph.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Yuliana Noniyeva
Interest/Specialization: Child and adolescent psychology; transitional age youth; evidence-based treatments for mood disorders; primary care mental health integration


Norman Marc Marc Norman, Ph.D. , HS Clinical Professor Marc Norman
Interest/Specialization: Neuropsychological Assessment, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy


Norman Sonya Sonya Norman, Ph.D. , Professor of Clinical Psychiatry Sonya Norman
Interest/Specialization: PTSD and mental health needs among recently deployed Veterans; Co-Occurring PTSD and Alcohol/Substance Use Disorder; Psychotherapy Outcomes Research


Orff Henry Henry Orff, Ph.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Henry Orff
Interest/Specialization: Traumatic Brain Injury, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia


Palmer Abraham Abraham Palmer, Ph.D. , Professor Abraham Palmer
Interest/Specialization: Psychiatric genetics, Drug abuse, Animal models, GWAS


Palmer Barton Barton Palmer, Ph.D. , Professor In Residence Barton Palmer
Interest/Specialization: Aging, neurocognitive functioning, loneliness, serious mental illness, positive mental health, empirical bioethics


Pan Teresa Teresa Pan, Ph.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Teresa Pan
Interest/Specialization: Primary Care Mental Health Integration


Panizzon Matthew Matthew Panizzon, Ph.D. , Associate Adjunct Professor Matthew Panizzon
Interest/Specialization: biological and environmental factors that influence age-related changes in cognition and brain, as well as the development of disorders such as mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and Alzheimer’s disease.
Park Jessie Seong Jessie Seong Park, Psy.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Jessie Seong Park
Interest/Specialization: Neuropsychology, Pain, Bariatric and Metabolic pre- and post-op


Perez Veronica Veronica Perez, Ph.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Veronica Perez
Interest/Specialization: The diagnostic assessment and treatment of severe mental illness (SMI), specifically schizophrenia spectrum illnesses, bipolar disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Perivoliotis Dimitri Dimitri Perivoliotis, Ph.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Dimitri Perivoliotis
Interest/Specialization: Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery


Perry William William Perry, Ph.D. , Professor In Residence William Perry
Interest/Specialization: Neuropsychology of schizophrenia


Pittman James James Pittman, Ph.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor James Pittman
Interest/Specialization: use of technology to aid in screening, triaging, and monitoring of clinical outcomes


Powell Susan Susan Powell, Ph.D. , Adjunct Professor Susan Powell
Interest/Specialization: Models of neurodevelopmental disorders; behavioral pharmacology of hallucinogens and antipsychotic drugs


Ramanathan Dhakshin Dhakshin Ramanathan, M.D., Ph.D. , Assistant Professor In Residence Dhakshin Ramanathan
Interest/Specialization: LFP, Cognitive control, Closed-loop, Neuromodulation, Brain-computer-interface


Rana Brinda Brinda Rana, Ph.D. , Adjunct Professor Brinda Rana
Interest/Specialization: how acute stress and other environmental factors (e.g. diet, sleep, smoking, microgravity, long duration space travel) drive molecular (e.g. epigenetic, metabolite, RNA) changes in the body by applying state-of-the-art omics approaches (e.g. DNA methylation, metabolomics, transcriptomics) on longitudinally sampled cohorts
Rao Sanjai Sanjai Rao, M.D. , HS Clinical Professor Sanjai Rao
Interest/Specialization: inpatient psychiatry


Richtand Neil Neil Richtand, M.D., Ph.D. , Professor In Residence Neil Richtand
Interest/Specialization: Psychiatric disorders including Schizophrenia, Drug dependence, and traumatic brain injury.


Risbrough Victoria Victoria Risbrough, Ph.D. , Professor In Residence Victoria Risbrough
Interest/Specialization: Anxiety; PTSD; Translational preclinical psychopharmacology and clinical psychophysiology


Roby Jennifer Jennifer Roby, M.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Jennifer Roby
Interest/Specialization: College Mental Health


Rockwell Roxanne Roxanne Rockwell, Ph.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Roxanne Rockwell
Interest/Specialization: Child and Adolescent Eating Disorders treatment, evaluation and research.


Ruberg Joshua Joshua Ruberg, Ph.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Joshua Ruberg
Interest/Specialization: Clinical psychology for Veterans.


Rutledge Thomas Thomas Rutledge, Ph.D. , Professor In Residence Thomas Rutledge
Interest/Specialization: Behavioral medicine, Technology Applications to chronic health conditions


Sanchez-Roige Sandra Sandra Sanchez-Roige, Ph.D. , Associate Adjunct Professor Sandra Sanchez-Roige
Interest/Specialization: psychiatric genetics


Schiehser Dawn Dawn Schiehser, Ph.D. , Adjunct Professor Dawn Schiehser
Interest/Specialization: Clinical and Neuropsychology


Schneeberger Andres Andres Schneeberger, M.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Andres Schneeberger
Interest/Specialization: anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, personality disorders, measurement-based care


Schuckit Marc Marc Schuckit, M.D. , Distinguished Professor Marc Schuckit
Interest/Specialization: Alcoholism; family and genetic studies


Schwartz Terry Terry Schwartz, M.D. , HS Clinical Professor Terry Schwartz
Interest/Specialization: Eating Disorders


Schweitzer Jason Jason Schweitzer, M.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Jason Schweitzer
Interest/Specialization: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Community Psychiatry


Sebat Jonathan Jonathan Sebat, Ph.D. , Professor Jonathan Sebat
Interest/Specialization: Genomics, Bioinformatics, Psychiatric Genetics


Shapiro Desiree Desiree Shapiro, M.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Desiree Shapiro
Interest/Specialization: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


Shih Pei-an (Betty) Pei-an (Betty) Shih, M.P.M., Ph.D. , Associate Adjunct Professor Pei-an (Betty) Shih
Interest/Specialization: Genetic and lipidomics research in patients with mental illnesses.


Shu I-wei I-wei Shu, M.D., Ph.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor I-wei Shu
Interest/Specialization: Developing novel EEG methods for assessing and modulating abnormal brain activity in patients with anxiety, stress- and trauma-related symptoms.


Sidhu Shawn Shawn Sidhu, M.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Shawn Sidhu
Interest/Specialization: Child and adolescent psychiatry, training and education, immigrant and refugee mental health, Native American mental health, cultural psychiatry, advocacy, spirituality, systems of care, equity and health disparities, psychotherapy, media
Simmons Alan Alan Simmons, Ph.D. , Adjunct Professor Alan Simmons
Interest/Specialization: Posttraumatic Stress disorders/Traumatic Brain Injury


Singh Fiza Fiza Singh, M.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Fiza Singh
Interest/Specialization: Center of Recovery Education


Smith Christine N. Christine N. Smith, Ph.D. , Assistant Adjunct Professor Christine N. Smith
Interest/Specialization: Neurobiology of learning and memory in healthy populations and individuals with memory impairment, such as Alzheimer's disease.


Soliman Mounir Mounir Soliman, M.D. , HS Clinical Professor Mounir Soliman
Interest/Specialization: Clinical psychopharmacology for schizophrenia and mood disorders.


Soltani Maryam Maryam Soltani, M.D., Ph.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Maryam Soltani
Interest/Specialization: Substance Abuse Recovery Rehabilitation and Treatment


Sommerfeld David David Sommerfeld, Ph.D. , Assistant Adjunct Professor David Sommerfeld
Interest/Specialization: Implementation science, behavioral health services, treatment engagement and retention, public sector services, health equity


Spadoni Townsend Andrea Andrea Spadoni Townsend, Ph.D., , Assistant Adjunct Professor Andrea Spadoni Townsend
Interest/Specialization: Utilizing functional neuroimaging techniques to investigate the direct and interactive effects of affective disorders and substance abuse on neurocognition and affective processing and to elucidate the neural mechanisms of their empirically supported treatments.
Stadnick Nicole Nicole Stadnick, M.P.H., Ph.D. , Assistant Professor In Residence Nicole Stadnick
Interest/Specialization: Implementation science; Mental health services; Integrated care; Autism spectrum disorder; Community Academic Partnerships


Stein Murray Murray Stein, M.D., M.P.H. , Distinguished Professor Murray Stein
Interest/Specialization: Anxiety; Traumatic stress; Pharmacotherapy; Genomics; Epidemiology


Steiner Amanda Amanda Steiner, Ph.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Amanda Steiner
Interest/Specialization: Home Based Primary Care


Stiffler Jon David Jon David Stiffler, M.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Jon David Stiffler
Interest/Specialization: substance use disorders, trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), mood disorders, anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)


Stout Daniel Daniel Stout, Ph.D. , Assistant Adjunct Professor Daniel Stout
Interest/Specialization: neurobiological mechanisms underlying the vulnerability to, maintenance, and treatment of trauma-related, anxiety, and mood-related disorders.


Sundermann Erin Erin Sundermann, Ph.D. , Assistant Adjunct Professor Erin Sundermann
Interest/Specialization: cognitive neuroscience, Alzheimer's disease, cognitive aging


Sweet Hannah Hannah Sweet, M.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Hannah Sweet
Interest/Specialization: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Community Psychiatry


Swerdlow Neal Neal Swerdlow, M.D., Ph.D. , Distinguished Professor Neal Swerdlow
Interest/Specialization: Limbic system-basal ganglia function in mental illness


Taffe Michael Michael Taffe, Ph.D. , Professor Michael Taffe
Interest/Specialization: drug and alcohol abuse


Tapert Susan Susan Tapert, Ph.D. , Professor, Vice Chair of Academic Affairs, Dept of Psychiatry Susan Tapert
Interest/Specialization: Research focus on multi-site longitudinal studies of adolescent substance use, brain development using neuroimaging, neurocognition, physical activity, sleep, screen time, mental health, and other behaviors.
Tayer Wendy Wendy Tayer, Ph.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Wendy Tayer
Interest/Specialization: Behavioral medicine, Geropsychology, Pain management, Disaster psychology, Lifespan development


Taylor Charles Charles Taylor, Ph.D. , Associate Adjunct Professor Charles Taylor
Interest/Specialization: experimental psychopathology and intervention approaches for anxiety and related disorders


Thackaberry Jessica Jessica Thackaberry, M.D. , HS Associate Clinical Professor Jessica Thackaberry
Interest/Specialization: Community Psychiatry, Tele-Mental Health


Thomas Kelsey Kelsey Thomas, Ph.D. , Assistant Adjunct Professor Kelsey Thomas
Interest/Specialization: Neuropsychology of aging and dementia, subtle cognitive decline, mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s disease


Trim Ryan Ryan Trim, Ph.D. , Associate Adjunct Professor Ryan Trim
Interest/Specialization: Faculty Research Interest/Specialization:Substance use disorders, longitudinal data analysis, environmental risk factors, treatment of dual diagnosis


Trunko Mary Ellen Mary Ellen Trunko, M.D. , HS Clinical Professor Mary Ellen Trunko
Interest/Specialization: Eating Disorders


Tsuang Ming Ming Tsuang, D.Sc., M.D., Ph.D. , Distinguished Professor Ming Tsuang
Interest/Specialization: Human genetics; behavior and neuropsychiatric diseases; family-genetic studies of psychiatric disorders; the genetic heterogeneity of schizophrenia.


Twamley Elizabeth Elizabeth Twamley, Ph.D. , Professor In Residence Elizabeth Twamley
Interest/Specialization: Cognition, functioning, and cognitive training to improve functioning for people with severe mental illness, traumatic brain injury, or other cognitive impairments; homelessness; supported employment; use of technology to improve cognition. See
Wade Natasha Natasha Wade, Ph.D. , Assistant Adjunct Professor Natasha Wade
Interest/Specialization: Predictors and consequences of substance use (especially cannabis) onset in adolescents and emerging adults, cannabinoid toxicology, and use of more robust, objective measurement techniques for difficult to measure constructs (e.g., cannabinoid content, screen time)
Wall Tamara Tamara Wall, Ph.D. , Professor Tamara Wall
Interest/Specialization: Etiology of alcoholism-genetic and environmental vulnerability factors


Walsh Nathalia Nathalia Walsh, , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Nathalia Walsh
Interest/Specialization: PTSD


Wang Clarice Clarice Wang, Ph.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Clarice Wang
Interest/Specialization: race based stress/trauma, health psychology


Wetherell Julie Julie Wetherell, Ph.D. , Professor In Residence Julie Wetherell
Interest/Specialization: Treatment of late-life anxiety.


Wierenga Christina Christina Wierenga, Ph.D. , Professor In Residence Christina Wierenga
Interest/Specialization: Neuropsychology of Aging and Dementia


Williams Katherine N. Katherine N. Williams, Ph.D. , HS Clinical Professor Katherine N. Williams
Interest/Specialization: Child and adolescent psychology; evidence-based treatments for childhood disruptive behavior disorders, mood disorders, and learning disorders; child and adolescent psychological assessment.
Wong Eric Eric Wong, Ph.D. , Professor of Radiology and Psychiatry Eric Wong
Interest/Specialization: novel noninvasive MRI based methods for quantitative imaging of tissue perfusion, Arterial Spin Labeling


Wrape Elizabeth Elizabeth Wrape, Ph.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Elizabeth Wrape
Interest/Specialization: Family Mental Health


Wu Michelle Michelle Wu, M.D. , HS Assistant Clinical Professor Michelle Wu
Interest/Specialization: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry


Young Jared Jared Young, Ph.D. , Professor In Residence Jared Young
Interest/Specialization: Neuropsychopharmacology; Schizophrenia; Bipolar Disorder; Cognition; Attention; Working memory; Executive Functioning; translational testing; Motivation; Effort; HIV associated neurological disorder; Nicotine;
Zhou Xian-jin Xian-jin Zhou, Ph.D. , Associate Adjunct Professor Xian-jin Zhou
Interest/Specialization: Molecular Biology of Psychiatry Disorders.


Zisook Sidney Sidney Zisook, M.D. , Distinguished Professor Sidney Zisook
Interest/Specialization: Psychopharmacology of depression and schizophrenia; bereavement; PTSD


Zlatar Zvinka Zvinka Zlatar, Ph.D. , Associate Adjunct Professor Zvinka Zlatar
Interest/Specialization: Neuroimaging, Brain health, Cognitive aging, Mobile health, Interventions


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